Secure Chain of Custody

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The Cargo Security Alliance (a Regiscope Affiliate) Secure Chain of Custody System consists of a combination electronic truck/trailer door seal and locking mechanism that generates a random number when it is locked (or, more accurately, "sealed"). The random number is recorded electronically to establish the Chain of Custody. If a different number is displayed at the point of receipt, the seal has been opened and the load potentially compromised.  When used with the CSA ID Verify Card System, a secure, verifiable "closed loop" Chain of Custody is established and maintained, and its users held accountable for following the prescribed procedures, thereby enforcing the protocol.

CSA's Secure Chain of Custody System provides an extra layer of physical security that exceeds common practices and regulatory requirements, thereby deterring theft and tampering with cargo and mitigating risk of loss, potentially reducing insurance, replacement and recovery costs. Electronically generated random numbers that document door closures and openings replace the need for one-time use, numbered seals.  Regular audit reports documenting procedural exceptions, unusual events and the personnel associated with them hold drivers and cargo handlers accountable and help management ensure proper security protocols are being followed consistently, thereby avoiding claims and fines for failure to comply with regulations mitigating risk of loss, fraud and tampering.

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Regiscope provides security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel. From the neighborhood liquor store to the large cargo company, Regiscope has the right security solution. Let our security experts help you design a security solution to meet your specific needs.   

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