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Maintaining and verifying the Chain of Custody in ground transportation is a critical process usually relegated to inefficient and insecure plastic seal technology. A deviation from the correct sealing procedure can cause the rejection of a load, a costly situation for the motor freight carrier.  Shippers of high value cargo such as pharmaceuticals and electronics need modern sealing and locking technology to provide a secure, verifiable and accountable Chain of Custody and leading motor freight carriers who will provide it to them.

Regiscope Solution: The Cargo Security Alliance (a Regiscope affiliate) offers the Secure Chain of Custody to shippers of high value cargo. Sealing and unsealing the trailer is accomplished via a card with an RFID transponder tag. Seal numbers and history are maintained in the seal unit itself, as well as the RFID transponders. Alternatively, seals can be unlocked via a one time use 4 digit PIN code, which can be supplied by the dispatcher. Transponder tags can be pre-programmed to unlock and lock only specific seals, at specific times, in specific Geo-fenced areas. Activity reports display all seal and card activity, including unauthorized access attempts. Combined with the Cargo Security Alliance's ID Verify driver ID solution, which allows drivers to use a secure ID card that is also an RFID card, maintaining a secure, verifiable and accountable Chain of Custody is now possible.



Regiscope provides security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel. From the neighborhood liquor store to the large cargo company, Regiscope has the right security solution. Let our security experts help you design a security solution to meet your specific needs.   

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