Hospitals need to be open and accommodating to visitors, while simultaneously providing security for staff and patients. It is a balancing act that can be accomplished through the use of access control systems and visitor management systems. Because of the high volume of visitors to a hospital, the visitor management system must be quick, fast, and easy to use.

Regiscope Solution: Regiscope's Visitor Cam system quickly adds visitor information to the system database via a driver license reader (sensitive personal information may be omitted from the database) while simultaneously verifying the validity of the driver license for security purposes. A comparison check to government and user defined watch lists warns of possible matches, an added security benefit. Photos are also quickly added to the database, and ingress and egress history records are maintained. Once registered in the system, bar-coded temporary ID badges are automatically printed for each visitor. The web based reporting functionality allows access to reports, photos, and activities in real time from anywhere in the world. Database records can be maintained locally, or for added security and reliability, on Regiscope's "Secure High Availability" servers.



Regiscope provides security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel. From the neighborhood liquor store to the large cargo company, Regiscope has the right security solution. Let our security experts help you design a security solution to meet your specific needs.   

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