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 ID Verification System

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CSA's ID Verification System (ID Verify System) allows shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers to instantaneously check, verify, and validate the identity and currency of the drivers and personnel carrying, handling, and screening cargo. Together with the Secure Driver ID Card (STA-1), ID Verify enables users to enter relevant personnel data and digital photographic images into CSA's secure, hi-availability server. Information can include biometric information.

ID Verify can also be used at facilities participating in the C-TPAT program by helping facilities not only positively identify the driver and verify his status, but the system also creates a database that is required for all facilities looking to participate in the program. All drivers entering or leaving the facility are logged in, seamlessly and easily, and archived for immediate retrieval in the future.


Applicable Industries

CSA's ID Verification System can be used in a variety of the different industries including but not limited to:


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