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Visitor Management Systems – Visitor Cam Description

Regiscope Visitor Management System called Visitor Cam helps you verify and ensure that visitors to your facility, building or property belong there and produces temporary visitor badges for them. The system records a digital image of all visitors, delivery people, and contractors along with their identification credentials, prints out custom photo visitor's badge and logs them in and out of the facility. Additionally, Visitor Cam can help safeguard your business from internal threats such as disgruntled employees.

Optionally, the system can conduct instant credential validations and watch list checks. Permanent color photo ID badges can also be produced for employees or frequent visitors. The system maintains a database that displays original photos of all visitors' faces and the ID they tendered at registration, and can produce activity reports periodically and on demand for your security staff's review. Records can be backed up to external hard drive for long-term record retention. Visitor Cam operates with the press of a button; minimal training is required for your personnel.

Visitor Cam Standard Configuration

  • Dual Digital Camera Stand
  • Control Unit (CPU)
  • LCD Monitor
  • Badge Printer
  • Keyboard

Visitor Cam Options

  • Handheld Barcode Scanner
  • Fingerprint Scanner 
  • Driver's License Scanner
  • Report printer

Visitor Management System - Visitor Cam Applicable Industries

Regiscope Visitor Management System can be used in a variety of the different industries including but not limited to:


You'll Find a Visitor Management System in Many Locations. It's amazing now that we live in such a security conscious world – there are so many public buildings where a visitor management system is keeping track of who is coming and going. A visitor management system has been around in luxury high rise buildings forever, but now you'll find a visitor management system in federal buildings galore. Does Your Public Building Need a Visitor Management System? Your public building would most certainly benefit from a high quality visitor management system that has been well-proven to enhance the safety and security of any building where it is employed. A visitor management system has many eyes and data storage features that can make any building a safer and more secure place to be. Regiscope Visitor Management System called Visitor Cam lets you know who is coming and going, when they visited, how long they stayed, exactly where they went, and more.

We Have Visitor Management Systems for Every Need - From the relatively simple to the most sophisticated visitor management systems available today, we have them all. Did you know that visitor management systems, an ID verification system, and access control systems come in all shapes and sizes? Not so much 'literally' speaking (the hardware can come in different configurations, but the software comes in the typical box), but visitor management systems certainly do vary in the functions they can perform. Visitor management systems are becoming more and more of a necessity in today's scary and security conscious world that only seems to become more so every day. Many public buildings are considered to be at risk or potential 'targets' for unwanted behaviors. This is why, depending on the level of the threat, visitor management system must be tailored for individual applications. For example, visitor management systems for a luxury high rise apartment house will have fewer security functions than visitor management systems utilized by buildings such as the pentagon or an FBI branch office. You get the idea, just like a fine suit, visitor management systems must be carefully tailored to each individual end user. We Design Visitor Management System to Suit Your Very Specific Application, Call us anytime!

Visitor Management Systems Can ‘Blow Your Mind’ - It really is incredible when you think of what today's visitor management systems are capable of when it comes to real-time vigilance. Ultra-advanced facial recognition software is incorporated into many visitor management systems, and this software can pick an individual out of a crowd while he or she is moving at top speed. This individual may be in a database of known criminals and suspected lunatics (no shortage of them around), and visitor management systems so equipped can quickly alert security personnel to the potential threat.

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Regiscope provides security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel. From the neighborhood liquor store to the large cargo company, Regiscope has the right security solution. Let our security experts help you design a security solution to meet your specific needs.   

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