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Regiscope provides security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel and associate them with transactions. From neighborhood check cashers to supermarket chains to manufacturers of high-value, high-risk goods, Regiscope has the right solution to deter theft, fraud and terrorist acts.  Let our security experts help you design a solution to meet your specific needs.

Regiscope is a leader in building a Visitor Management System, and ID Verification System. Regiscope Visitor Management System called Visitor Cam helps you verify and ensure that visitors to your facility, building or property belong there. The system then produces temporary visitor badges for them. The Visitor Management System records a digital image of all visitors, delivery people, and contractors along with their identification credentials. It then prints out custom photo visitor's badge and logs them in and out of the facility. Additionally, Visitor Management System can help safeguard your business from internal threats such as disgruntled employees. Optionally, the visitor management system can conduct instant credential validations and watch list checks. Permanent color photo ID badges can also be produced for employees or frequent visitors. The visitor management systems maintain a database that displays original photos of all visitors' faces and the ID they tendered at registration, and can produce activity reports periodically and are on demand for your security staff's review. Records can be backed up to external hard drive for long-term record retention. Visitor Cam (visitor management system) operates with the press of a button. Minimal training is required for your personnel.

CSA's ID Verification System (ID Verify System) allows shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers to instantaneously check, verify, and validate the identity and currency of the drivers and personnel carrying, handling, and screening cargo. Together with the Secure Driver ID Card (STA-1), ID Verify enables users to enter relevant personnel data and digital photographic images into CSA's secure, hi-availability server. Information can include biometric information.

7 Best Practices to Deter Cargo Theft by Fictitious Pick-up

Cargo theft by means of fictitious pick-up has increased sharply over the past 3 years.  It is now the second most common type of cargo crime after thefts of trailers and containers, and growing rapidly as thieves use increasingly sophisticated technology to defraud shippers and motor freight carriers.   

Regiscope and the Cargo Security Alliance have teamed up with CargoNet to explore this threat, and to identify 7 Best Practices that can help defeat it, including use of Regiscope’s Cargo Cam system.

Our White Paper,  “Cargo Theft by Fictitious Pick-up”, provides the first in-depth, quantitative analysis of reported fictitious pick-up incidents and begins to define the terms and scope of this new and rapidly evolving form of “supply chain cyber crime”.  We encourage you to give it a read, welcome your feedback, and would be happy to follow up with any questions you may have about how Cargo Cam and other techniques can help protect your customers and your business from fictitious pick-ups.  

Read the full document, click here.

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Regiscope's unique software combined with state of the art digital equipment provides your business with an effective, easy-to-use security solution.

Extended Warranty on Kodak i1210 Document Scanner

Extended Warranty on Kodak i1210 Document Scanner - per year

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Full-Sized 104-Key Keyboard

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